Monday, July 23, 2012

It's About Nothing! Eye of the Day

Did you ever watch Seinfeld?

Photo source
Neither one of us was ever a super loyal viewer of the show...(we kind of both have a hard time sitting in front of the TV at regularly scheduled times)...but we have to admit that in the "here and there" times that we watched the show, we've enjoyed it.  The one where Jerry has to wear those glasses with super thick lenses is probably both of our favorite!

 Photo source

If you ever were a fan of Seinfeld, you probably know that the premise of the show was that it was "about nothing."  Not sure how something...can be about nothing...but Seinfeld made it work, so I'm guessing that we can, too.

On most days it's pretty simple to find a theme to go along with the eye look we choose to feature as our Eye of the Day.  Sometimes, though, we just don't have a theme.  Sometimes...other than being pretty and something we want to show off, the eye look is just...about NOTHING. 

K created this pretty look today...with nothing on her mind at all...using both Universal Appeal and Magnetic Attraction from MAC's Heavenly Creatures line. 

Even though it's officially about nothing...we think it's really something.  :)



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