Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Colleen...aka Vanity and Vodka!

Hey y'all...let's celebrate!!

In case you didn't know, today marks the birthday of one of our very very VERY favorite beauties...Colleen, aka Vanity and Vodka!

If you're not interacting with Colleen through her site and/or Twitter, we're really not sure what you're doing with your life...because you're kind of doing it wrong.  Sorry...but it's true.

Even if she didn't do AMAZING work with a makeup brush...(no, seriously, there is a part of us that wonders if she's not really a person, but a mythical Makeup Wizard who can do no wrong)...Colleen is one of the sweetest, most supportive, and quite obviously, gorgeous women we've met through our online travels, and we secretly (totally not secretly) want to be just like her!

So...what to do for such a Darling's birthday?  We began to brainstorm...

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First...we thought we'd make her a Vanity themed cake...

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...but it was so cute that we accidentally kept it for ourselves.

Then...we thought we'd go for a Vodka themed cake...

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...but somehow we TOTALLY misspelled "Colleen."  Whoops.

We were at our cake making wit's end, when for some reason JWoww showed up, offering her assistance...

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...but we were like, "Listen, Jenny...we got this...and besides, you only remembered half of her name..."  We sent JWoww on her way...but we kept the cake...and may or may not have eaten it while we wrote this post.

When it comes down to it...we're really not cake makers...we are makeup lovers.  Okay, bold faced lie...we actually make a DREAM of a cake when the occasion calls for it...we did both work at Baskin Robbins and make ice cream cakes all through High School, after all. this case...making a cake for Colleen wasn't meant to be.  

Instead...we went to her site...Vanity and Vodka, in case you've forgotten already...and selected a look that she'd done that we both LOVED.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  We think we wanted to celebrate how much we LOVE pretending just for a minute...that we can create the looks she has mastered.

Colleen posts an amazing new look once a week, and we are always blown away by her pictures.  We were especially smitten with her 4th of July Night Sky eyes, and wanted to try it out...

So...try it we did.


Ummm...did you ever watch Sex and the City?  Remember when Carrie and the girls went to California and Samantha bought that fake Fendi bag that was nice...but not QUITE as nice as the real thing?  Yeah...that's how J feels about her recreation of Colleen's look.

We had fun picking out one of Colleen's looks and giving it a go, but more than anything, when we were done, we had gained an even greater appreciation for how AWESOME she is at what she does.  Not to be duplicated...Colleen is talented, fabulous, beautiful...and one of a kind.

Here's hoping that Colleen has the happiest of birthdays, and that every single one of her wishes comes true.



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