Friday, July 6, 2012

Go For The Gold--Eye of the Day

So…apparently there is some sort of international athletic competition coming up later this month?  We’re not sure what it’s really all about, but reportedly there will be golden medallions and lots of rings.  We love jewelry, so we thought we might try to check it out.  Does anyone know where we could get tickets?

Just kidding…we’re not that clueless. :)  We actually both lived in Salt Lake City when the Winter Games were there in 2002.  While we spent as much time as we could at Olympic Village...we couldn't score tickets to any we're not holding our breath this time.

It seems the whole world is swept up in Olympic Fever.  Opening Ceremonies are only 21 days away, and then fans the world over will be glued to their televisions to watch some of the world’s greatest athletes compete for Olympic Gold.

There isn’t a competition for makeup application, we checked.

Yes, David…we were devastated, too.  Those are some events we could really get into! ;)

If there WERE such a competition, however, today’s Eye of the Day would deserve the Gold.  This summer’s Olympic Games are in London, but K reached for her trusty Paris palette to create this great look:

Are you excited for the Olympics?  What’s your favorite event? 


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