Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breathtaking Bordello: Eye of the Day

If you ever find yourself looking high and low for WyoSparkles, you should probably know that there are plenty of places that you can cross off your "where to look" list.

The home in which you'd find this bath mat, for example...

 Photo courtesy of a place that you'd never find WyoSparkles.

Hanging out with this obviously deranged lunatic of a kid... not where you'd ever find WyoSparkles.

And, being the classy, upstanding darlings that we are...we would never EVER, not in a million caught dead in a brothel, cathouse, whorehouse, bawdy house, house of ill repute, or even a seedy Parisian cabaret.

 Photo courtesy of

Gross, right?  We would never want to be associated with any such place! Well...unless we suddenly became Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor was singing a powerful ballad of undying love with us...because seriously, how awesome would THAT be??

Photo courtesy of

Ahem...sorry.  These types of places are gross.  Gross gross gross.  We hate them.

We found ourselves in a bind, however, when we met and fell in love with Urban Decay's beautiful eye color, named Bordello.
 Photo courtesy of

"Bordello" is another (prettier sounding) name for a brothel, but...

Bordello a glorious eyeshadow, in a beautiful pale mauve shade with tiny golden shimmers.  Isn't it fabulous?

Seriously...this shade won us over from the first time we saw it, and even though a Brothel by any other name is most likely just as seedy and disgusting...we knew we had to have this baby.

J made good use of Bordello, accented with other UD shades, Walk of Shame and Kush, to create today's lovely Eye of the Day:

What do you she worthy of the Moulin Rouge? ; )


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