Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2 minute review: Show Off mascara by beautyaddicts

Picture it:  you're stranded...walking through the desert - the heat is surrounding your entire being, the sweat is running down your face, your makeup is melting, your mouth is dry, your lips are cracking.  You see up ahead a bright red convertible racing down the road towards you, and the ohh so handsome driver is waving in your direction, his pearly white teeth baring his happiness to see you.

 (photo courtesy of giantlife.com)

Could this really be happening?  Is this real?  You blink your eyes and WHAM!!!  Just like that...he's gone....you're still sweating...and it was JUST a mirage!

When I received my Glossybox this month, I was ecstatic to see the coveted Show Off mascara by beautyaddicts nestled sweetly in the cute pink and brown box.  I grabbed it up, the bright sun shining on the reflecting silver casing....THIS IS IT!!!!

I'm afraid ...it might have been a mirage....

This mascara seemed everything that I wanted...it had the glorious fresh pop sound as I pulled the wand out.  The rich dark black was more beautiful than I could imagine.  The large curved wand called out "I will conform to your lashes perfectly"  Use me, use me!

The product itself seems to be perfection, but the wand is JUST a little too stiffly curved and slightly awkward.

Much like you can't really enjoy your favorite soup with a pair of chopsticks, the brush on this wand is keeping me from enjoying the actual mascara.  While I'm sure that, given time to get used to it, I might be able to one day be a certified "Show Off Wand Master"...I kind of feel like since I've been successfully putting on other mascaras for years, I shouldn't have to relearn how to do it just because this wand is such a jerk.

I still want to love this mascara, but I find myself reaching for something else in the morning, as I don't want to take the time to "make it work" when I've got other options that are already a sure thing.

I'm still very much on the fence as to whether or not to recommend this product or not.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox, and if so, did you receive this mascara?  Has anyone else had troubles working with the wand...or am I really all alone in the desert on this one?


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