Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2 minute review: Milani Brow Tint Pen

Guess who overplucked?

If you are about to say are wrong...absolutely wrong!

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Fortunately, or I guess unfortunately, Bert still has his unibrow!

It's me....I overplucked.  ugh!!  I hate it! 

If there is anything I will teach young girls learning beauty and skin care...LET SOMEONE ELSE SHAPE YOUR BROWS TILL YOU ARE MORE EXPERIENCED!!  I wish someone had ripped my tweezers from my hand or maybe even given me a shock collar.  Ok, just kidding!  No shock collars, please!

SOOO naturally when it comes to my brows - I literally gravitate to brow pencils, brow kits, brow pens, brow anything!!  I'm all over trying anything and everything in order to achieve ....ohhhh so pretty brows!

Browsing the Milani line while stopping at the local Kmart, I came across this delightful little felt-tip brow color pen. 

 (photo courtesy of

This paraben free, long wearing, quick drying dream come true has truly helped fill in my brows with AMAZING ease!! 

It's very similar to the NYX eyebrow marker...

Since I have dark hair, I chose "deep" (NYX) and "dark brown" (Milani)...and they are an exact match!!

The product is also available in "medium" (NYX) and in "natural taupe" (Milani) for those of you who have lighter coloring.

NOW for the differences -  (drum roll)

Milani offers a slightly shorter/smaller tip -  allowing for extra control...LOVE THIS!!

*side note - the one on the left is the NYX and looks like a different's just because I'ved used it more! :)

Milani retails for $5.99 and NYX retails for $9.75. 

Who doesn't like those kinds of savings?  I love NYX Cosmetics, don't get me wrong, but if I can have the same thing...for less...I'm gonna do it!

So....what brow products do you love?  Have you tried either of these pens?  Is there another pen out there for me try?


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