Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Minute Review: Megan Miller Collection Nail Polish

Hey Polish Junkies!

Recently we got our hands on a couple of bottles of polish from Megan Miller Collection.  If you're not familiar with this line, we suggest you get over to the site now, because we have a feeling that these polishes may just be the next big thing.

After talking to a rep from the company, K was sent a full sized bottle of Giada Pink, a soft and versatile shade that is appropriate for every day wear, and compliments any look:

We also got a bottle of Roja, a classic bright red that demands attention without being outrageous:

Aren't they pretty?  We absolutely ADORE the packaging, and the darling cork and rafia styling are one of a kind!

As any good polish hound knows, it's all fine and good to look pretty in the bottle, but we've known more than one "pretty" polish that, upon application, left a lot to be desired. 
Image source

These polishes, however, were like a dream come true when we put them on, and really exceeded our expectations upon application.

Image source

The Giada Pink is fairly sheer, and would be beautiful with just one coat if you're looking for a delicate sheer look.  If you'd like a more solid result, the polish quickly and easily allows for additional coats without being thick/goopy. 

Roja, on the other hand, is not quite as sheer, and is totally solid with two good coats of polish.  Just like its pink counterpart, this polish is easily buildable, drying with a gloriously smooth finish.

As we're sure you know, there is NOTHING worse than a polish that needs a second or third coat, but seems to be "forever tacky" once additional coats are applied. (You know what we're talking about...polish that adopts the texture of your sheets overnight?) 

Never Fear!  Megan Miller polishes take their additional coats like a champ, and are as smooth as butter...we love them!

In addition to being beautiful, the entire Megan Miller Collection is "3 Free," meaning that they are made without certain dangerous chemicals, and are a safer alternative to other polishes on the market.  For more information on "3 Free" products, visit the Megan Miller Collection site here.

Overall, we could not be more pleased with our first impression of Megan Miller Collection polishes.  Check out the entire line of gorgeous colors here, and whatever you do...order some of this fabulous polish today...if you don't, we might beat you over there and swoop them all up!

Have you tried Megan Miller Collection polishes yet?  What is your favorite shade?


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