Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 Minute Review: Hooray for Ruddy Water!

It doesn’t seem that long ago the Ruddy Water was not a part of our lives…but now, we can’t imagine ourselves living without it.

Earlier this month, we declared an official WyoSparkles holiday in honor of Ruddy Water, and it was around that time that these awesome products (and the lovely lady behind them) really showed up on our radar.  Oh thank goodness, we say now, for Ruddy Water Day!

Recently we got our hands on some perfumed towelettes, as well as a rollerball in Ruddy Water’s signature scent, Blushed.

After reading about the scent when we were doing our initial Ruddy Water recon, we had a feeling we were going to love it…and holy MOLY…we were right!

There are a few things we insist upon when it comes to fragrance.  First off…we don’t want anything that is going to be TOO strong.  As lovely as you may think your perfume smells…trust us when we say that nobody wants to smell you coming.  NOBODY wants to be knocked over by your scent when you walk into the room…regardless of what that scent might be.

A perfume should not be a constant presence…but rather, we think it should kind of waft in and out of your awareness, occasionally reminding the company that you’re keeping that you smell amazing.  Especially when it comes to fragrance…there is power in subtlety.

That being said, however, we hate a perfume that loses its strength after a 38 second walk from your car to the building.  It is so annoying to spritz on your favorite scent, only to find that it has worn off in no time flat.  We love it when a perfume has staying power.

(photo courtesy of
Now that's some tough "staying power"!!!

Ruddy Water’s Blushed delivers in both of these crucial areas.  We found the scent, which is a delightful combination of vanilla, sweet lemon, ginger and sugar, to last for a good while, but never thought it was “too much” and was very wearable.  Yay! 

Overall, we have to give Blushed an A+, and are so excited to have Ruddy Water in our (now even more wonderfully smelling) lives!

If you haven't yet gotten the chance to try Ruddy Water, we definitely recommend it.  Click here for more information on the products, and of course to shop.  Get ready to smell fabulous!  :)


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