Friday, July 20, 2012

2 Minute Review + Eye of the Day: Maybelline EyeStudio Baked Shadow Duos

We mentioned in our last post that at one time, we were pretty big on the cake making scene in town, as we were senior staff members at our Baskin Robbins store, and were in charge of all ice cream cakes. 

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While the cakes involved in that process were baked for us, we have always had kind of a passion for baking of all varieties, and also decorating the goods that we end up making.

 Photos courtesy of WyoSparkles' awesome archives

It makes sense then, combining our love for baked goods…and our love for decorating…that we would really REALLY love decorating our faces WITH baked goods.

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No…not like that, ding dong.

We mean that we LOVE the recent “baked” cosmetics trend, which seems to be growing almost out of control.  Thankfully we’ve never been big fans of control anyway…so we’re all for it!

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So yesterday, in between creating an amazing Mosaic Nail Look and conspiring with J to create a birthday surprise for Colleen, K was out finding fabulous new baked products.

This time, K decided to try a couple of Maybelline’s EyeStudio Baked Shadow Duos, picking one up in Persuasive Plum and one in Teal Takeover.

The Persuasive Plum pairs a rich plum solid with a marbled combination of plum, mauve, bronze, and gold…sooo pretty:

Teal Takeover pairs its bold teal side with a blend of brown, gold, and cream shimmers…love it:

These gorgeous and rich shadows are very pigmented, blend flawlessly, and apply as smoothly as butter.  NO flaking or fallout…yay!

K reached for the Persuasive Plum to create her masterpiece of an Eye of the Day today:

DING!  She’s baked to perfection!

Do you love baked products as much as we do?  What is your favorite baked line?


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