Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 Minute Review: Aquataenia by Lime Crime

You know, we already featured our latest palette in one of our Eye of the Day posts, so you can probably guess that we're pretty impressed with Aquataenia by Lime Crime.

K spotted this palette while browsing online a few weeks back, and immediately, we both fell in love. 

The bold and bright colors called out to us, and we dreamed immediately of the gorgeous looks we could create with these beauties.  K ordered the palette immediately!  :)

Neither of us had ever tried anything from Lime Crime before, but we'd heard great things...all there was left to do was wait for it to arrive.  When it finally did, we were VERY impressed, in person, with the vibrancy and consistency of these pressed powders.

The product names, of course, keep with the oceanic theme, and are, from left to right: Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, and Atlanteal.

At closer look, you can even better appreciate how pretty these colors are:

 Nautilus Prime: bluish-purple

Coral of the Story: true coral

Seahorse Discourse: tropical green

Pearl-ple: pearlescent lilac

Antlanteal: seafoam blue

All of the colors are highly pigmented, and just the right amount of shimmer/sparkle, that make blending a breeze....

Overall, we could not be more pleased with this beautiful little palette.  The possibilities of gorgeous looks are endless with all of these colors, as they compliment each other well and have great staying power throughout the day. 

As we said, this is our first purchase from Lime Crime...but we're betting that it won't be our last.  We're in love!

Do you have any Lime Crime products you could recommend for our next purchase?


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