Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Truly Talented: Eye of the Day

Whether or not you're into the Olympics, you have to admit that the athletes who are competing have been blessed with exceptional talent.  Certainly there is hard work and dedication involved in their training, but it would be hard to argue that these athletes weren't born with a little bit of a talent for the things they are doing.

Clearly we can't all be Olympic athletes...who would stay home to watch the Games if everybody was there competing?  And...even though most of us weren't blessed with an innate knack for the pommel horse...

Image source

...we certainly have all been born with one talent or another.  

Some people are born to dance...

Image source

...or to sing...

Image source

...but we are pretty sure that here at WyoSparkles...we were born to...
Image source

Shopping is something that we have always done well...it just comes naturally!  And, just like any Olympic athlete or singer or dancer knows...if you don't use your talent...you just might lose your talent...so we make sure to shop just as often as we can. :)

We met up after work last night to see if we might find something fun...and along with some other finds for both of us, K grabbed one of L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadows, in Glistening Garnet.  If you haven't tried the Infallible line yet, you need to get on that...because they are all amazing!  K paired her new shadow with Urban Decay's Bordello to create a fabulous Eye of the Day:
What natural talent do you boast?  What talent do you WISH you had?

2 Minute Review: Megan Miller Collection Nail Polish

Hey Polish Junkies!

Recently we got our hands on a couple of bottles of polish from Megan Miller Collection.  If you're not familiar with this line, we suggest you get over to the site now, because we have a feeling that these polishes may just be the next big thing.

After talking to a rep from the company, K was sent a full sized bottle of Giada Pink, a soft and versatile shade that is appropriate for every day wear, and compliments any look:

We also got a bottle of Roja, a classic bright red that demands attention without being outrageous:

Aren't they pretty?  We absolutely ADORE the packaging, and the darling cork and rafia styling are one of a kind!

As any good polish hound knows, it's all fine and good to look pretty in the bottle, but we've known more than one "pretty" polish that, upon application, left a lot to be desired. 
Image source

These polishes, however, were like a dream come true when we put them on, and really exceeded our expectations upon application.

Image source

The Giada Pink is fairly sheer, and would be beautiful with just one coat if you're looking for a delicate sheer look.  If you'd like a more solid result, the polish quickly and easily allows for additional coats without being thick/goopy. 

Roja, on the other hand, is not quite as sheer, and is totally solid with two good coats of polish.  Just like its pink counterpart, this polish is easily buildable, drying with a gloriously smooth finish.

As we're sure you know, there is NOTHING worse than a polish that needs a second or third coat, but seems to be "forever tacky" once additional coats are applied. (You know what we're talking about...polish that adopts the texture of your sheets overnight?) 

Never Fear!  Megan Miller polishes take their additional coats like a champ, and are as smooth as butter...we love them!

In addition to being beautiful, the entire Megan Miller Collection is "3 Free," meaning that they are made without certain dangerous chemicals, and are a safer alternative to other polishes on the market.  For more information on "3 Free" products, visit the Megan Miller Collection site here.

Overall, we could not be more pleased with our first impression of Megan Miller Collection polishes.  Check out the entire line of gorgeous colors here, and whatever you do...order some of this fabulous polish today...if you don't, we might beat you over there and swoop them all up!

Have you tried Megan Miller Collection polishes yet?  What is your favorite shade?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Late But Great: Eye of the Day

Over the years, we've dreamed of being several different Disney characters.  What little girl didn't want to be a Disney Princess when she grew up?

Image source

If not a Princess, then certainly one of the fairies from Pixie Hollow would be a dream...we could all do with a little fairy dust in our lives, right?

Image source
In all of our Disney daydreaming, though, we can safely say that neither one of us EVER wished that we could be the White Rabbit...
Image source
...and yet there are days...(ugh!)...when the White Rabbit is the character we must be channeling, because as much as we hate to admit it...we find ourselves looking at the clock and realizing...
Image source

Perhaps still recovering from our fabulous vacation, today turned out to be just such a day for J.  :(  Still, with minimal time to go all out this morning, she grabbed her favorite Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca palette and fell back on a quick and easy, but still lovely, look for today's Eye of the Day.

Do you have a "go to" look for days when you're running behind?  What beauty steps are you willing to cut out (if any?) to make sure you're not late?

2 Minute Review: Dandelion Wishes by Benefit

Hey Ladies...

We wanted to do a quick review of a fun little duo that K got as a bonus with a recent Sephora purchase.

This darling little set, "Dandelion Wishes" by Benefit, came with two products, a Brightening Face Powder...

...and an Ultra Plush Lip Gloss...

K has been tickled with both of these products.  The face powder, in a soft pink, is a perfect complimentary addition to brighten almost any blush, and the lip gloss is super moisturizing, not sticky, and has a great shine!

We don't have a ton of Benefit products in our collections, but have been impressed with everything that we have tried from the line.  What is your favorite Benefit product?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Simply Gorgeous: Eye of the Day

Are kids still required to take Home Economics in Junior High?  Back in the day, Home Ec was required for all students, and while the cooking side of things was never too much of a challenge for either of us (credit our mothers for teaching us how to cook, I guess?) neither one of us could honestly make grand claims of being master seamstresses.

We've been known to sew things when there was no other option...(Halloween sometimes does that to a girl!)...but in the backs of our minds, we're always afraid our creations are going to end up like that horrifying shirt that Denise sewed for Theo on The Cosby Show:

 Image source

We can't figure out why so many patterns are called "easy to sew" when they are anything but easy...and the whole Simplicity line...

 Image source

...in our experience, anyway...needs a new dictionary, as the official definition of "simplicity" is "the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do," and we don't find anything about the idea of sewing easy!

One thing that does come easily to K, it seems, is creating a gorgeous eye look.  Sometimes less is more, and intricate use of 98 colors isn't necessary.  K blended silvers, pinks, and purples from her Acid and Glory palettes from Sleek to piece together one fabulous...and Simple...Eye of the Day.

Are you a better seamstress than we are?  What's your favorite way to use your "Home Ec" skills?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poison Ivy: Eye of the Day

Over the weekend, we learned about a weekly challenge over at Makeup Geek, which was to create a Batman inspired makeup look.  After a couple of days of playing around with different ideas/looks/characters, we landed on Poison Ivy to be our official makeup muse for this challenge.

 Photo source

Uma's Ivy is nothing if not bright and colorful, so J reached first for her trusty 88 color palette by Morphe to access as many colors as possible:

Rather than try to re-create Uma's look, J used the character's bold colors and confidence as an inspiration to create something new and all her own...

What do you think of J's Poison Ivy inspired look?  Who is your favorite Batman character?

Oh My, MyGlam! (July 2012)

Hey girls, guess what...we're on the edge of our seats, jumping up and down, on pins and needles excited.  Why, you ask?  Well...we're actually excited for two major reasons.

1.  We are heading out TOMORROW on our annual trip to the lake with our dearest friends from college.  We get together as often as we can, but come what may, we always try to do at least one camping trip to the lake in the summer.  This is one of our favorite traditions...and we're chomping at the bit to get going!

2.  While waiting (not even close to) patiently for our trip, we received our July glam bags from myglam, and as we glanced through them, we realized that it was the perfect bag to get right before our trip...woohoo!

In the past, we've received similar bags, but have gotten different versions or colors of the products in our bags. This month, we were pretty surprised to find that we received exactly the same items...in the same colors.  Luckily, we loved every last product/color, so getting identical bags was a good thing! :)

First off, let's talk about the bag itself.  In the past, myglam has shipped bags of varying levels of quality, and almost every single one of them was...well...stinky!  July's bag is an adorable mesh bag, decorated with bright ribbon...and well...it doesn't smell like anything at all.  WOOHOO!  We're both excited to make use of this bag during our upcoming vacation!

Once we opened the bag, the smiles kept coming...with a full size lip stain from Josie Maran, in a darling BRIGHT pink shade called "Jitterbug."  Summer is the perfect time to show off this bright fun shade...we can't wait to test out the stain's power at the beach.

Of course, if you've ever been to the beach with your girlfriends, you KNOW that the trip won't be complete without a copious number of pictures of all of your feet in the sand.  It's just what all girls do...we know it...so don't deny it.  In preparation for said pictures...we'll get our toes bright and beautiful with our new Reverso polish...a perfect white shade from the Circus line by Andrea's Choice.

While we're soaking up some rays on the shore, we'll make sure to try out our new Green Apple Moisturizer, with SPF 15, by Juice Beauty.  This stuff smells amazing, and the fact that it will protect us from getting rosier than we want to get is a bonus!

After a long day in the sun, we know that our next two products will come in extra handy.  While we will be camping...we have been sleeping in tents with these girls every summer for YEARS...we always pitch our tents at a campground with actual plumbing and especially showers...because come on...you know we can't "rough it" THAT much.  We'll pamper our sundried hair with NuMe's Hydro Punch conditioner, complete with extra protein and Argan Oil.

Finally, even though we'll drench ourselves with sunscreen while we're at the beach, the sun and wind will still take its toll on our skin, and we'll fight back with our Yes to Cucumbers soothing facial towelettes, which cleanse and moisturize with cucumber extract and aloe vera. 

We have been counting down the days to our vacation for weeks and weeks, and now that we've got our amazing new products from myglam, we're well prepared for an amazing trip.  If you don't subscribe to myglam...or have a vacation in the near future...we suggest you make sure to do both...you won't regret it!

Thanks, myglam, for an amazing bag this month...we're truly ecstatic with everything!

p.s.  We aren't going anywhere, this subscription is here to stay!!  What did you think of this month's myglam?

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's About Nothing! Eye of the Day

Did you ever watch Seinfeld?

Photo source
Neither one of us was ever a super loyal viewer of the show...(we kind of both have a hard time sitting in front of the TV at regularly scheduled times)...but we have to admit that in the "here and there" times that we watched the show, we've enjoyed it.  The one where Jerry has to wear those glasses with super thick lenses is probably both of our favorite!

 Photo source

If you ever were a fan of Seinfeld, you probably know that the premise of the show was that it was "about nothing."  Not sure how something...can be about nothing...but Seinfeld made it work, so I'm guessing that we can, too.

On most days it's pretty simple to find a theme to go along with the eye look we choose to feature as our Eye of the Day.  Sometimes, though, we just don't have a theme.  Sometimes...other than being pretty and something we want to show off, the eye look is just...about NOTHING. 

K created this pretty look today...with nothing on her mind at all...using both Universal Appeal and Magnetic Attraction from MAC's Heavenly Creatures line. 

Even though it's officially about nothing...we think it's really something.  :)


Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh: Beauty Army, July 2012

Dear Mom & Dad Sparkles...

I thought I'd take a minute to write a quick note from here at Beauty Army Basic Training.  They are working us hard here at camp...we wake up to proper skin care exercises before the break of dawn, and work on appropriate day to night cosmetics, basic tips for beautiful hair, along with health and fitness drills until dusk.

Here with a free minute, though, I wanted to thank you for the recent care package you sent...I'm sure it will help me in my attempts to be a Star Beauty Army Cadet this month!

First off, the Youngblood Mineral Primer will give me a leg up on other Beauty Army soldiers when we're working on creating the perfect canvas prior to makeup application:

Next, I know that the Besame Crimson Cream Rouge is going to make all the difference later this week when we're called to present our rosiest lip and cheek look to our commanding officers:

For a day full of Beauty Army training, fresh and moisturized skin is a must, and the Atzen Balance Protective Day Cream, along with the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream are going to be just what the Drill Sergeant ordered:

You may not know this, but we are required to have pristine bed sheets, spit shined shoes, and to smell absolutely fabulous when we report for roll call in the morning.  Thank goodness you sent the sample of "Cocktail" by Flowers and Water:

After a hard day at work, the Eyecandy Soothing Eye Coolers are going to be JUST the thing I need to cool down, relax, and be ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Thanks again for all of your support in my pursuit to be one of the best soldiers in the Beauty Army...I'll write again when I can...but if I don't close now, I'll be late reporting for Mani/Pedi maintenance.

Love Always,


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