Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Minute Review: Sydney Smooth Frizz Free Gel

Hey Darlings, J here... :)

So K and I both tweet and blog under the WyoSparkles name, and you might be hard pressed to guess who is writing when, unless we flat out say who is speaking.  K and I have been friends since basically birth...(our moms were neighbors and were pregnant at the same time)...and having grown up together, we are pretty much as close as (or closer than) most sisters.  It's not that we aren't individuals...we are...but in so many ways...including our senses of humor and the way we communicate sometimes, we are a lot alike.

If you're desperate to know which one of us is talking at any given time, feel free to ask, but here's a clue.  If the speaker/writer is whining at almost an unbearable level about her naturally unruly and curly and frizzy and LAME's most likely me.  K will tell you that she has bad hair days...but I'm here to tell you that her fabulous.  Enviable.  I sometimes hate her for it.


My a little bit of a different story...

My hair and I...we've never really gotten along.  As a young child, it was never curly.  It was straight...but of course, back then I wanted it curly.  At some point it decided to change its tune...and now...if left to its own goes rogue like you wouldn't believe.  There are mornings...there are pictures of mornings...where Phil Spector has nothing on me.

That being said, I'm always on the lookout for smoothing/straightening products.  ALWAYS.  And I try a lot of them.  I've had some pretty good luck with most of the "sleek"-ing products from Garnier, and find myself pretty faithful to them, but when something new catches my eye, I'm all for trying it out.

Enter Aussie's Sydney Smooth Frizz Free Gel, which promises to "turn frenetic frizz into serious smooth for a style that stays just right." 

What's that you say?  A style that stays just right???  I love it when my styles stay just right.  This is the best news ever!

So I tried this stuff out for the first time this morning...and um...well...maybe it wasn't the best news ever.

It's not that my hair didn't stay put.  It did.  My hair isn't curling or frizzing up...which is a good thing! hair doesn't feel good.  It feels dry.  It feels a little brittle.  It's not even close to being shiny.  :( 

You guys...I cannot be one half of WyoSparkles with WyoDull hair! 

On its own...(I might try it again tomorrow in combination with some smoothing milk or something)...I cannot recommend this product, unless you already have super healthy and smooth which case maybe it would do well by you.  If you're like me, though...with color and heat processed locks, and you want a sleek and smooth everyday look...I recommend turning yourself around in the aisle and grabbing something by Garnier.

Do you have unwanted waves/kinks/curls/unruliness?  What is your favorite product to tame your wild tresses?


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