Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Plump, Or Not To Plump? It's Never a Question!

This may not come as a surprise by now, but we kind of love lip gloss.  Lip products of all kinds, in fact, strike our fancy pretty frequently, and we’re always on the lookout for fun new lip sticks, glosses, stains, balms, pencils and pots.  We love ‘em all...and love to pamper our lips!

Products that we find ourselves leaning toward more often than not are plumping products.  Neither of us is inclined to go so far as to have surgery to get fuller lips…as really…there is such a thing as going too far…

 …but still...there isn’t anything like having a little extra “plump” to create the perfect pout… :)

Yesterday, this Sally Hansen Vita*C Lip Plumper gloss pretty much jumped off the shelf and begged to be purchased:  

With no tint (perfect for wearing under lipsticks!) and a yummy sounding Tangerine flavor, we quickly gave in.  We’re kind of suckers that way.  (Please don’t ever tell us that a life of crime would feel/taste good on our lips…I’m not sure what we’d do…)

Anyway…J tried this gloss out last night, and honestly, it does feel and taste good on the lips.  The balm goes on super smooth, and her lips felt moisturized and soft for the rest of the evening.  Soft lips are definitely happy lips!

One thing that J’s lips were not, however…was more plump.  The product does not boast a tingle like many plumping glosses, but claims that the vitamin C infusion has a volumizing effect.  To that truth…we cannot attest, as after several applications last night, and again this morning, J is still unconvinced that her lips are even one bit more plump.

While we didn’t get the plumping effect we were hoping for, this product definitely can’t be classified as a loss.  As we said, it feels really good on the lips, and Sally Hansen is definitely a brand we’ve trusted and loved for years.  This will be a great lip base for other colors, especially in the summer months, when our lips need as much moisture as we can give them!

Incidentally, this product is one in Sally Hansen’s Vita Lip Care line, with four vitamin infused products that promise to meet different lip needs.  The other three, which we haven’t tried, are:

Vita*A, a Line Smoother with a Peach flavor, made to rejuvenate lips:

Berry flavored Vita*B, a Moisturizer for extra hydration:

And Vita*E, a vanilla flavored Soother for tired/rough lips:

Have you tried any products in the Vita Lip Care line?  Which one is your favorite?  Also, since we didn’t get our puckers plumped by the Vita*C like we’d hoped, what plumping products would you recommend?

Until next time…keep smiling!


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