Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocking That Radioactive Glow--Eye of the Day

It’s been a while since we conceded to the fact that we are actual, real life, grown-ups, but in spite of the fact that we are inarguably adults…there are certain things that we’ve never outgrown. 

Disneyland makes us giddier than Justin Bieber makes a 12 year old...

Seriously…that picture just made my heart skip a beat.  Sigh.  Love it!

We still wish on stars…

And we still watch cartoons, every chance we get.

While we have fun watching cartoons of all sorts with the kids in our lives (and by ourselves, okay?) one of our favorite shows is The Simpsons.

We could easily dedicate a week of blog posts to lessons we have learned from our favorite Springfield family, but one thing we wanted to point out today is that Radioactivity…is bad.

We love to sparkle…but we don’t want to glow in the dark, thank you very much.  So, if we can help it, we always steer clear of thorium, plutonium, radium, and uranium. 

Wait…did I say radium?  I did NOT mean radium.  We LOVE radium!!  We slather ourselves with radium all the freaking time, guys!

Radium eyeshadow that is, from Urban Decay.  It is pretty much the most perfect shade of brilliant blue EVER, which J blended with Platinum (wait, is platinum radioactive, too?!?) shimmer from NYX to create today’s Eye of the Day:

Careful around those radioactive elements, ladies…unless they make you more beautiful…then…full speed ahead! ; )

Have a Fabulous Friday!


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