Friday, June 22, 2012

Our New Mascara.... On The Side (Review)

Once upon a time...

...we set out to find true love.  We weren't on the lookout for perfect men, however...(we already found them, remember?)...we were on the lookout for the perfect mascara.  Looking high and low, we persevered until we found what we'd been looking for...mascara bliss:

Now, L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black has always done right by us.  It's treated us WELL.  For literally years, it has been only mascara that we've trusted.  It's never let us down.  Instead, it provides lush, long, and full lashes...every single day. 

What more could we ask for, right?

Well...we're here to make a confession.  We've been cheating.

Just this week, we've discovered that our old favorite might have met its Maybelline's Volum'Express Mega Plush Mascara:

Don't look at us that way.  We didn't go out looking for a Mascara Mistress.  It's our job, in the name of cosmetic science, to try new products.  We didn't expect to fall in love.  But...well...we kind of did.  It just happened.  Maybe it will be a short-lived affair, but right now we are so thrilled by the results that we get from this mascara...that we almost don't even care if we get caught red teal handed!

In just ONE coat, we noticed a huge difference in the length and fullness of our lashes, thanks, perhaps, to the super big brush tip.  The brush itself has a mysterious bendy part in it...which takes some getting used to...but the payoff is definitely worth it!

There is a part of us that feels badly for being unfaithful to our true-blue Voluminous love.  And we definitely still recommend and love Voluminous with every makeup loving fiber of our beings.  The time may come when we go back to it...tails between our legs...begging for forgiveness.  For now, though, we're living dangerously...and living it up...with MEGA PLUSH lashes!

If you haven't tried this one out yet...we definitely suggest you do so...even if you have to keep it a secret from your current favorite brand.  ;)

Let us know what you think!


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