Thursday, June 7, 2012

myglam or my...I can live without.. everyone else who lives this crazy makeup obsessed life online, we have seen and admired Michelle Phan's tutorials on youtube.  We've even tried to follow along with her on a couple of them, because we wanted to recreate some of her looks, which we thought were impressive.

With this in mind, we were both thrilled to learn that Michelle was working on a subscription service, and signed up for myglam as soon as we learned about it.  Yay for samples!  Yay for awesome coupons!  Yay for shipping mishaps, billing errors, and cheap stinky bags!  Wait......what? 

I know we're not the only ones who have experienced or at least heard about the problems with shipping and billing, but does anyone else think the bags are getting less and less cute...

for example this is the sneak peek of the June 2012 bag........I don't know...... looks a little...yeah....

....not to mention that they are actually kind of really stinky?  It's not like we expect a silk lined clutch from Barneys every month, but it would be nice if the bags didn't immediately bring to mind what that gross Dollar Store in Romy & Michele's High School Reunion must have smelled like. :(

And after several months of bags, we're starting to wonder if we're going to get more than one awesome sample per year.  Of course we both flipped out a couple months ago when we got Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencils...because that felt like Christmas morning.  Aside from those (still awesome, we admit it) surprises, though...we are kind of hard pressed to think of anything else we've gotten from myglam that made our hearts skip a beat.

What are your honest thoughts on myglam?  We're holding on to our subscriptions for now...we keep thinking things will get better soon...but we're not sure how long our optimism is going to last.

Let us know what you think...are we being too hard on Michelle and crew....or are you ready to jump ship with us?


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