Friday, June 15, 2012

MAC - Heavenly Creatures 2012

OH MAC, why do you do this to me?

We all know about MAC - Heavenly Creatures Collection which is to be released July 2012!!  That's only like 3 weeks away!!!  *BIG SMILE*

Isn't it "heavenly" ??

We admittedly get cartwheel turning happy over new products and collections regularly, but this is a whole new level of happy, guys.  And while the collection will include brushes and skin care, (full collection product names/details/prices are listed below) we wanted to give a little extra love and attention to the actual colors...because baby...we love us some color!  :)

MAC's mineral collections always fall on the fabulous side of the fence, and these new blushes will clearly live up to that reputation...especially excited to try the Supernova...(bottom right)...both for its awesome name, and fun bright pigment!

It's probably no surprise from our eye of the day features that we are a little bit obsessed with eye colors and looks.  Can NOT get enough new eye products.  We tried to get enough once...but we failed.  It's impossible.  Anyway...for the eye color addict, MAC delivers nine new eyeshadows in this collection...all of which need to be in our shadow bags, pronto:

Beautiful cheeks and eyes need beautiful skin to keep them company...and these four new skinfinishes will give your face a perfect pearlized shimmer...

Trailing closely behind our eye color addiction is a near obsession with happy glossy lips.  No seriously, one time I took all the glosses out of my purse and lost 8 pounds.  Five new Cremesheen Glass glosses promise to satisfy your passion for glossy perfection...

Finally, lipstick lovers won't be disappointed with the shades in this collection...including the return of Cut a Caper!  :)

We're hoping that writing about the collection will curb our enthusiasm at least a little bit, because right now...we're losing sleep.  It kind of feels like Christmas Eve over here.  Or Football Season Eve.  Or Disneyland Eve.  Basically, it's excitement to the fullest extent, girls.  We're DYING.  Many people lament that we don't get much of a summer here in's cold for about eight and half months of the year.  With that in mind, we usually like the summer months to drag on and on...but right now...July can't get here fast enough. 

Look at those clever marketing pictures....LOVE!!

MAC Heavenly Creature Summer 2012 Collection

Lipstick – $14.50
  • Pleasureseeker – Creamy peach (Glaze) (Repromote)
  • Cut a Caper – Mid-tone peachy pink (Lustre) (Repromote)
  • Venus – Sheer yellow pink with pearlized pigments (Lustre)
  • Fire Sign – Red-pink (Lustre)
  • Cusp of Dawn – Beige pink (Lustre)
Cremesheen Glass – $19.00
  • Celestial Kiss – Pale cool peach
  • Strictly Plutonic – Mid-tone pink brown
  • Meteoric – Mid-tone vibrant coral
  • Astral – Bright yellow pink
  • Galaxy Rose – Mid-tone violet pink
Mineralize Skinfinish – $29.00
  • Earthshine – Tarnished bronze with gold pearlized pigments and pink reflects
  • Light Year – Peachy pink with gold shimmer
  • Star Wonder – Plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
  • Center of the Universe – Coral with gold shimmer
Mineralize Blush – $23.00
  • Solar Ray – Peach and gold melange
  • Ring of Saturn – Terracotta and gold melange
  • Stratus – Amethyst and golden brown melange
  • Supernova – Magenta and burnt gold melange
Mineralize Eyeshadow – $20.00
  • Aurora – Peach, green, and brown melange (Frost)
  • Magnetic Attraction – Orange, pink and gold melange (Frost)
  • Neo Nebula – Cream, warm amethyst and warm pink melange (Frost)
  • Universal Appeal – Gold, bronze and violet melange (Frost)
  • Invincible Light – Icy white, lavender and warm gold melange (Frost)
  • Earthly – Beige, peach and cool brown melange (Frost)
  • Water – Yellow, lime green and blue melange (Frost)
  • Bright Moon – Grey, silver and icy green melange (Frost)
  • Sky – Green gold, turquoise and cobalt melange (Frost)
187 Duo Fibre Face Brush – $42.00
188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush – $34.00
286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush – $30.00 (Repromote)
False Lashes – $19.00
  • False Black – Black (Repromote)
Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator – $28.00
  • foaming, exfoliating scrub made with natural volcanic ash and sugar crystals (Repromote)
Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser – $23.00
  • a make up removing “water” that can literally wipe off most types of makeup without scrubbing or massaging. Formulated with M.A.C’s exclusive Charged Water technology (Repromote)
Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel – $37.00
  • An ultra light gel cream that gives intensive hydration and moisture but leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Infused with M.A.C’s exclusive Charged Water technology (Repromote)
Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream – $35.00
  • A luxuriousand rich eye cream that improves and moisturizes the skin around the eye while reducing the look of dark circles and puffiness. Infused with M.A.C’s exclusive Charged Water technology (Repromote)

Are you as excited as we are for this upcoming collection from MAC?  Which products are you dying to grab first?  Let us know...we can all be on the edge of our seats together!


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