Friday, June 15, 2012

June 2012 myglam - big step up!

We've heard the complaints, you've heard ours, but here we are and the June 2012 myglam is here!

If you know know that I'm all about giving people second chances and I'm glad I stuck with myglam.  I'm crossing my fingers that the "up and up"  is here to stay!  :)

What was in the bag???

Two makeup items (Marabella and NYX), Philosophy sample, AND a decent sized hair product (Living Proof) sample! 

Wait...let's stop right there....I'm gonna be the first to stand up and say -- Way to go myglam, you really really stepped up your game!  Now just get rid of the funky smell in the bags.  Please!

Let's break it down....(my musical side of me felt like I was leading you all into the "bridge") This month's bag....a gold glittery clutch style bag rather than the zip top bag.  I'm impressed with the attempt for a new style, but this bag isn't anything I'm going to write home about...and did I mention the smell?

Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream - CAN'T WAIT to sample this stuff!!!  Heard nothing, but good!  And by the way...what a cute little bottle?!?!

Philosophy introduced "take a deep breath" an oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer and the verdict is in....I'm in LOVE!!  Have you tried yours yet?  Not a greasy feel at all and my face felt amazing!  Once again, Philosophy is a win win!

Marbella - permanent eyeliner pen  - I love eyeliners and I love black felt tip liquid eyeliners, but the whole "don't use with contact lenses"  OHH MAN!!  What a let down.......  maybe I'll give it a test without contacts one day....eek!  Anyone else try this yet?

AND last, but certainly not least.....NYX lip smacking fun colors.  I got the color "Saturn" and it's gorgeous!!

What did you think of this month's myglam?  Was it better, worse, the same?  I was on the fence, still am, but I'm gonna stick around and see what changes are in store.

till we meet again...xoxo,


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