Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guilty...of Looking Fabulous! (e.o.d.)

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that K had Jury Duty this week.  Working for a Law Firm, K is totally familiar with the Legal System, but wasn't too hip on the idea of serving on a jury.  Just because you understand the system better than most doesn't mean you're looking forward to being an active participant in said system and having a backlog of work on your desk when you return.

K knew, however, that in reporting to the Court House, that she wanted to put her best foot forward, and did her best to look fresh, pulled together, and most of all, classy....from head to toe.  The best way to pull of class, you ask?  Going Butt Naked, of course:

Yep...she went with the Butt Naked palette from NYX for her Jury Duty look.  Wait...what did you think I meant?  Seriously?  Give me a break...what are you, sickos?  Do you think K is crazy?  While showing up to the courthouse in nothing but her birthday suit would have certainly earned her a quick dismissal, she would have had to come back next week in a non-flattering orange jumpsuit...answering to her public indecency charges.  Be real....

So there you have it.  K's fabulous look for her journey into civic responsibility.  Regardless of how the trial turned out...K is definitely guilty of good taste!


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