Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Glossybox!! Glossybox!! Glossybox!!

After a much awaited......wait!  Yeah, wasn't that clever?


We got our first Glossybox in the mail and the anticipation has killed us!  Just kidding, we're still here!
If you are unfamiliar with Glossybox - it's a subscription service that delivers cosmetic and beauty products right to your door each and every month.  Glossybox originated in the UK and has finally come over seas to the USA! The cost of this box is $21 and in our opinion...so far....SOOO worth every penny!  The samples are nice sized and NOT one item was a disappointment. 

The box is well designed (super sturdy) and very cute!   As you can see, the contents arrive wrapped up with a cute little ribbon.  It's like a little monthly present!  :)  Who doesn't love presents?  Each box comes with a card inserted, explaining each of the products.

And ta da.....the box!!!
 Let's open it...shall we?
Doesn't it look like so much fun?  These items are "worldwide" beauty.  One item comes from South Korea, one from Paris, one from Italy, one from UK, and one from the USA.  I'll explain as we go...stay with me!  :)
 Phyto Intense Hydrating Hair Mask from Paris!  Not much of a scent here, anxious to test it out.  We've always heard good things about Phyto products.
 ZOYA ZOYA ZOYA!  Who doesn't love a good Zoya polish?  This is from the USA and it is the color "Lara"  Perfect summer mani/pedi color! 
 Amore Pacific delivered from South Korea boasts a Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydragel - it claims to visibly improve your complexion.  :)  Ooooo!
 Burberry!!!  Ahhh...we almost died when we saw this cute little lip lipstick!!  Love the color, love the packaging....LOVE!  This item as we all know is from the UK.  This little lipstick is Lip Mist Natural Sheer in the color Copper.  <3
 Next up, we found some Marvis whitening mint toothpaste from Italy!  Smells like a fresh minty toothpaste, I'm game to test it out.  We all love white teeth! 
And last and certainly not least, a Glossybox blush brush, made from the finest goat hairs.  Very cute!

Our recommendation is that you hurry fast to http://www.glossybox.com/ and subscribe ASAP!  You will not regret this one!



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