Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot! (Eye of the Day)

You guys, it’s hot out there. 

We don’t mind the heat so much, really…but we do have a little bit of an issue with one of its byproducts: sweat.  Not to be Whiney Whinersons, but there is a time and a place for being sweaty.   

We don’t mind breaking a sweat when we’re doing p90x. 

We might be swearing at Tony because we feel our will to live slipping away as he’s just giggling about halfway through Core Synergistics…

…but it’s okay that we’re sweating…sweating is what it’s about, right?

We don’t mind being sweaty when we’re laying on the beach at Beautiful Bear Lake in Idaho, where we have a college girlfriends/roommate reunion every August.  

The sun is shining.  The sand is between our toes.  The waves are crashing…and it’s okay that we’re sweating.

It’s not okay, though, that we’re sweating while we’re walking twelve feet from our cars to our offices.  We spent all morning straightening our hair, for vanity’s sake…heat/sweat/humidity induced curls/frizz/craziness are not welcome right now.  We wear makeup to be viewed in perfectly set glory, and not running down our faces so we look like Alice Cooper. :(

It’s no fun to stay inside all summer, though…so when we want to be outside, we use a little extra setting spray, wear a little extra sunscreen, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, albeit with a little bit of shade.  You might even call us…wait for it…Shady Ladies.

Yeah…I just did that, theBalm lovers.  Sorry.

Being a Shady Lady isn’t a bad thing, though, when it’s about skin care OR especially when it’s about rocking a fantastic eye look, as K does with today’s Eye of the Day…featuring, you guessed it, volume 3 of the fabulous Shady Lady palettes from theBalm:

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be under this umbrella, sipping our coconut limeades and trying to figure out the best ways to trick the world into thinking frizzy hair is a fabulous fashion statement. 

What's your favorite vanity saving way to beat the heat?


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