Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double Oh Fabulous! (Eye of the Day)

Bond…James Bond.

There’s something pretty fantastic about 007, isn’t there?  For years, he’s been the picture of the perfect man…he has brains…style…hot cars…and is pretty good at saving the world time and time again.  What’s not to love?

Bond is, of course, remembered for more than his gadgets and good deeds…no James Bond adventure would be complete without one or two (or seven) beautiful women with whom to mingle.  In fact, the Bond Girls are almost as famous as Mr. Bond himself…and more than once, find a way to steal the show…

With this in mind, J set out to release her inner Bond Girl, using the Rollergirl palette from Urban Decay, along with the star of the show: Eternal Sunshine, from L’Oreal’s Infallible line.  Presenting today’s Eye of the Day…code named GoldenEye:

Regardless of who plays the James Bond in your life…here’s to finding the inner Bond Girl in each of us!


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