Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Braid Blowout (Contest/Giveaway!)

So basically we have a problem.  We're kind of obsessed, lately...with braids.  Maybe you think that's a funny thing to be obsessed with...but we can't help it.  We are.  Love us or leave us.  (Please don't leave us.)


We are constantly checking out new trends with braids, and have found a ton of fun new looks online.  Still...we know that we're never going to look like Jennifer Aniston or Blake Lively, if only because we do our own hair, and they don't.  So, because we're tired of staring at celebrity hair styles (total lie, we never get tired of it, who does??) we thought, "We want to see what our lovely followers can do with a braid!"

So...here's your assignment, America:
Follow us on Twitter, and then tweet us (@WyoSparkles) a picture of your favorite braided style...
….or Like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/WyoSparkles/359461627450996) and then post a pic on our timeline.
You can use your "old reliable" styles...or try something fun and new and share your results with us.  Do both...we want to see as many looks as you can dream up...so send lots of pictures!

On June 20th, we'll select a favorite entry from Facebook and a favorite entry from Twitter...(enter on both sites for more chances to win!)...and our two winners will each get a Fun Summer Hair Grab Bag from WyoSparkles! 

We're excited to see what you come up with...maybe we'll try to recreate some of your looks with our own hair, too!  REMEMBER, you must be following us to win, so get to following, get to liking, and get to braiding, ladies!

Good luck!


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