Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birchbox June 2012 - Jetset

Yay, we received our Birchbox for the month of June 2012 and it looks as though we are "jet set." 

We both received very different boxes this month and surprisingly we only had one item in common:  theBalm's "stainiac."  We've been noticing that this item was a fairly huge staple in MOST boxes this month.  K was a little saddened as so many people were predicting some Benefit goodies, and we saw NONE!  :(  Not to worry, though, we are pretty excited about the things we DID receive!!!

Shall we get right down to it?

Below is K's box on the left and J's box on the right
Lovely huh?  

Let's start with the Masque-ology mask.  K is quite excited about this!!!  She's hoping for a super pore cleansing rejuvenating "peel" off mask.  K always loved peeling glue off her hand as a kid in elementary school.  AND it was the coolest when you could get the glue to peel off in the perfect hand shape.  Come on...who else loved that?

Since the theme this month is "jet set," we're automatically thinking about feeling bronzed up for vacations!!  Who doesn't love a good vacation?  AND of course, you gotta be all bronzed and beautiful!  :)

K received the Ada Cosmetics bronzer -  isn't it cute?  AND the color is really awesome!  Very handy for travels!

What about tan legs?  Oh...hold the presses...here we go...J received the Comodynes Self-Tanning towelettes, 2 actually!  Haven't tested this out yet, but very interested and we'll be giving it a go....VERY VERY soon!  Love feeling tan!


OH yes and how can you forget theBalm's stainiac!  A perfectly rosy tinted lip and cheek stain.  We are always hip to trying out new stains!

As you can see the color goes on nicely and it stains!  Can you imagine that?  It's a stain and it really stains!  hahaha...we love this!  Already got these little lovelies in our purses!

Whether you are headed to a dry climate or a humid climate, you gotta moisturize your skin!!
K received the Likewise daily skincare Moisturizer.  Verdict.....this stuff smells really nice and clean AND it wasn't oily.  K hates super oily moisturizers...who wants to be greasy?  Bleh!

J received a moisturizer for her hair!  Ohhhh the Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Super Comb Prep and Protect - this stuff claims to rejuvenate hair from lots of days at the beach, pool and in the sun.  A lovely conditioning/detangling moisturizing spray for your tresses!

This month's "lifestyle extras"  were....interesting!  K received a box of Band-Aid brand bandages in the Cynthia Rowley style.  These are actually quite fun and very cute!!  Already had to bandage up a little scrape for little Molly's knee.  Adorable!

It is impossible to be truly "jet-set" without getting on an actual jet from time, to time, and J got an adorable tili bag to carry all of her lip gloss (yeah, it's mostly lip gloss) in on her next flight.  The only thing that sucks about this is that neither K nor J HAS a flight booked right now...we'd better get on that...we LOVE traveling.

AND J was lucky enough to receive 2..yes 2 lifestyle extras this month - for the Birchbox man in your life…or maybe your brother or dad or friend who is a boy…J got the John Varvatos Star U.S.A. cologne.  If there is ANYTHING better than a good smelling man in this world…we don’t know what it is.  Mmmmmm…

So that's it for this month's Birchbox.  We love love love this subscription program, and we're extra excited to get such different boxes this month...it's so fun to get together and compare products!  If you're not a Birchbox subscriber yet, you should definitely consider trying it out here...they NEVER disappoint.

Until next time, Smiles and Sparkles...


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