Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Attracting Butterflies--Eye of the Day

Butterflies come to pretty flowers
--Korean Proverb

When we were little girls, there was nothing quite as exciting as catching glimpse of a beautiful butterfly in our yards or gardens.  

Not sure what it is about them, but butterflies are almost magical, not to mention the only insect that we aren't opposed to seeing on a regular basis.  In fact, if it were up to us...the world would be filled with more butterflies to brighten every one of our days!

The gem of wisdom above (which we LOVE) is printed inside of Stila's Stylish in Seoul palette, which is the star of today's Eye of the Day.

J made the most of the palette, using four out of the five colors available to create her lovely look:

Don't forget that you are all pretty flowers...and watch for butterflies!  We could all use a a little more magic in our lives, right? 


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