Sunday, June 17, 2012

and the Award goes to.......

Hey All...

Over the last couple of days, we've received awards from several fellow beauty bloggers.  We didn't even know it was Awards Season.  We didn't get our dresses ready...not even sure where the red carpet is.  Neither of us prepared a speech, and needless to say...we were a little embarrassed.  Especially since, in spite of the fact that we were totally clueless to what was going on...we won anyway.  Talk about an amazing group of women.  You all rock!

Thanks to all of the lovely bloggers who have shown us love with the One Lovely Blogger Award: Demi Mist - Beauty and the Mist, Miss Niki - Hello Miss Niki, Madiha Tabbasam - Makeup Junkie. Thanks, also, to Janine - The Amazing World of J for awarding us with the Versatile Blogger Award.

And's our turn.  Tonight we'd like to honor some fellow bloggers with the One Lovely Blogger Award!!!!!

Our understanding of the rules are.......
#1 share seven (7) random facts about yourself.
#2 Share the love! :)  - Award 7 blogs the same award :)  (We're kind of cheating on this...because we're just doing the one award...even though we got two.  Don't hate us... ;))

Well let's not waste any time....

7 random facts:

Now since there are two of us......J and K, you actually get 14 random facts, yay!
#1  K loves Diet Dr. Pepper
#1  J loves Diet Pepsi
#2  K collects/loves Mickey Mouse
#2  J collects/loves Donald Duck
#3  K has 2 siblings
#3  J has 4 siblings
#4  K has never broken a bone
#4  J has had 3 knee surgeries
#5  K works for a Law firm
#5  J works for a Community College
#6  K prefers liquid eyeliner
#6  J prefers cream eyeliner
#7  K won 1st place in bowling in 4th grade
#7  J won the 4th grade spelling bee

We could go on.  We kind of love talking about ourselves.  But...this isn't all about'll move on... further ado...we give you the WyoSparkles June 2012 One Lovely Blog Award no particular order:

Waaaaiiiiiittttt...we don't want to stop just at seven.  We told you that we're rule breakers. 
Sorry...but we are.

Each of these blogs is vibrant, fun, and a blast to read.  We love interacting with all of these ladies both via their blogs, and on Twitter.  We are excited every day that we get to share ideas, motivation, and support with each of them...and all of our readers!  If you don't already...check them out!

Ummm...are you still here?  Why?  We've given you such glorious leads to fabulousness....go.  Go.  Not that we don't love you being here.  Stay.  Do you need anything?  Go.  We want you to branch out.  Read.  Learn.  Love.  THEN...come back.  :)  We'll be here...


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