Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocking That Radioactive Glow--Eye of the Day

It’s been a while since we conceded to the fact that we are actual, real life, grown-ups, but in spite of the fact that we are inarguably adults…there are certain things that we’ve never outgrown. 

Disneyland makes us giddier than Justin Bieber makes a 12 year old...

Seriously…that picture just made my heart skip a beat.  Sigh.  Love it!

We still wish on stars…

And we still watch cartoons, every chance we get.

While we have fun watching cartoons of all sorts with the kids in our lives (and by ourselves, okay?) one of our favorite shows is The Simpsons.

We could easily dedicate a week of blog posts to lessons we have learned from our favorite Springfield family, but one thing we wanted to point out today is that Radioactivity…is bad.

We love to sparkle…but we don’t want to glow in the dark, thank you very much.  So, if we can help it, we always steer clear of thorium, plutonium, radium, and uranium. 

Wait…did I say radium?  I did NOT mean radium.  We LOVE radium!!  We slather ourselves with radium all the freaking time, guys!

Radium eyeshadow that is, from Urban Decay.  It is pretty much the most perfect shade of brilliant blue EVER, which J blended with Platinum (wait, is platinum radioactive, too?!?) shimmer from NYX to create today’s Eye of the Day:

Careful around those radioactive elements, ladies…unless they make you more beautiful…then…full speed ahead! ; )

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two Minute Review: Sydney Smooth Frizz Free Gel

Hey Darlings, J here... :)

So K and I both tweet and blog under the WyoSparkles name, and you might be hard pressed to guess who is writing when, unless we flat out say who is speaking.  K and I have been friends since basically birth...(our moms were neighbors and were pregnant at the same time)...and having grown up together, we are pretty much as close as (or closer than) most sisters.  It's not that we aren't individuals...we are...but in so many ways...including our senses of humor and the way we communicate sometimes, we are a lot alike.

If you're desperate to know which one of us is talking at any given time, feel free to ask, but here's a clue.  If the speaker/writer is whining at almost an unbearable level about her naturally unruly and curly and frizzy and LAME's most likely me.  K will tell you that she has bad hair days...but I'm here to tell you that her fabulous.  Enviable.  I sometimes hate her for it.


My a little bit of a different story...

My hair and I...we've never really gotten along.  As a young child, it was never curly.  It was straight...but of course, back then I wanted it curly.  At some point it decided to change its tune...and now...if left to its own goes rogue like you wouldn't believe.  There are mornings...there are pictures of mornings...where Phil Spector has nothing on me.

That being said, I'm always on the lookout for smoothing/straightening products.  ALWAYS.  And I try a lot of them.  I've had some pretty good luck with most of the "sleek"-ing products from Garnier, and find myself pretty faithful to them, but when something new catches my eye, I'm all for trying it out.

Enter Aussie's Sydney Smooth Frizz Free Gel, which promises to "turn frenetic frizz into serious smooth for a style that stays just right." 

What's that you say?  A style that stays just right???  I love it when my styles stay just right.  This is the best news ever!

So I tried this stuff out for the first time this morning...and um...well...maybe it wasn't the best news ever.

It's not that my hair didn't stay put.  It did.  My hair isn't curling or frizzing up...which is a good thing! hair doesn't feel good.  It feels dry.  It feels a little brittle.  It's not even close to being shiny.  :( 

You guys...I cannot be one half of WyoSparkles with WyoDull hair! 

On its own...(I might try it again tomorrow in combination with some smoothing milk or something)...I cannot recommend this product, unless you already have super healthy and smooth which case maybe it would do well by you.  If you're like me, though...with color and heat processed locks, and you want a sleek and smooth everyday look...I recommend turning yourself around in the aisle and grabbing something by Garnier.

Do you have unwanted waves/kinks/curls/unruliness?  What is your favorite product to tame your wild tresses?

Feeling Hot Hot Hot! (Eye of the Day)

You guys, it’s hot out there. 

We don’t mind the heat so much, really…but we do have a little bit of an issue with one of its byproducts: sweat.  Not to be Whiney Whinersons, but there is a time and a place for being sweaty.   

We don’t mind breaking a sweat when we’re doing p90x. 

We might be swearing at Tony because we feel our will to live slipping away as he’s just giggling about halfway through Core Synergistics…

…but it’s okay that we’re sweating…sweating is what it’s about, right?

We don’t mind being sweaty when we’re laying on the beach at Beautiful Bear Lake in Idaho, where we have a college girlfriends/roommate reunion every August.  

The sun is shining.  The sand is between our toes.  The waves are crashing…and it’s okay that we’re sweating.

It’s not okay, though, that we’re sweating while we’re walking twelve feet from our cars to our offices.  We spent all morning straightening our hair, for vanity’s sake…heat/sweat/humidity induced curls/frizz/craziness are not welcome right now.  We wear makeup to be viewed in perfectly set glory, and not running down our faces so we look like Alice Cooper. :(

It’s no fun to stay inside all summer, though…so when we want to be outside, we use a little extra setting spray, wear a little extra sunscreen, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, albeit with a little bit of shade.  You might even call us…wait for it…Shady Ladies.

Yeah…I just did that, theBalm lovers.  Sorry.

Being a Shady Lady isn’t a bad thing, though, when it’s about skin care OR especially when it’s about rocking a fantastic eye look, as K does with today’s Eye of the Day…featuring, you guessed it, volume 3 of the fabulous Shady Lady palettes from theBalm:

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be under this umbrella, sipping our coconut limeades and trying to figure out the best ways to trick the world into thinking frizzy hair is a fabulous fashion statement. 

What's your favorite vanity saving way to beat the heat?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poetic Beauty--Eye of the Day

Roses are Red
Feathers are gray
We shop at Ulta
For Urban Decay

Um…yeah.  That was a pretty great poem, right?  I know.  It’s about as poetic as we get though…so eat it up!

Thankfully, we don’t have to rival Shakespeare to enjoy the cosmetic "poetry" that is the Poetica Palette by Kat Von D.  We’ve talked before about how much we love it.  We’ve praised KVD enough times that it should come as no surprise that we make sure her stuff is always within reach.  WE. LOVE. HER.

K made the most of the Poetica Palette when creating today’s Eye of the Day look…(which makes J think she needs to steal that palette like she did the Paris one last week…)…Enjoy!

Do you like poetry?  Do you write poetry?  Would you be willing to write poetry for us if we need another poem so our readers don’t have to read anything so corny as that thing up there again?  ;)

Have an amazing day!

To Plump, Or Not To Plump? It's Never a Question!

This may not come as a surprise by now, but we kind of love lip gloss.  Lip products of all kinds, in fact, strike our fancy pretty frequently, and we’re always on the lookout for fun new lip sticks, glosses, stains, balms, pencils and pots.  We love ‘em all...and love to pamper our lips!

Products that we find ourselves leaning toward more often than not are plumping products.  Neither of us is inclined to go so far as to have surgery to get fuller lips…as really…there is such a thing as going too far…

 …but still...there isn’t anything like having a little extra “plump” to create the perfect pout… :)

Yesterday, this Sally Hansen Vita*C Lip Plumper gloss pretty much jumped off the shelf and begged to be purchased:  

With no tint (perfect for wearing under lipsticks!) and a yummy sounding Tangerine flavor, we quickly gave in.  We’re kind of suckers that way.  (Please don’t ever tell us that a life of crime would feel/taste good on our lips…I’m not sure what we’d do…)

Anyway…J tried this gloss out last night, and honestly, it does feel and taste good on the lips.  The balm goes on super smooth, and her lips felt moisturized and soft for the rest of the evening.  Soft lips are definitely happy lips!

One thing that J’s lips were not, however…was more plump.  The product does not boast a tingle like many plumping glosses, but claims that the vitamin C infusion has a volumizing effect.  To that truth…we cannot attest, as after several applications last night, and again this morning, J is still unconvinced that her lips are even one bit more plump.

While we didn’t get the plumping effect we were hoping for, this product definitely can’t be classified as a loss.  As we said, it feels really good on the lips, and Sally Hansen is definitely a brand we’ve trusted and loved for years.  This will be a great lip base for other colors, especially in the summer months, when our lips need as much moisture as we can give them!

Incidentally, this product is one in Sally Hansen’s Vita Lip Care line, with four vitamin infused products that promise to meet different lip needs.  The other three, which we haven’t tried, are:

Vita*A, a Line Smoother with a Peach flavor, made to rejuvenate lips:

Berry flavored Vita*B, a Moisturizer for extra hydration:

And Vita*E, a vanilla flavored Soother for tired/rough lips:

Have you tried any products in the Vita Lip Care line?  Which one is your favorite?  Also, since we didn’t get our puckers plumped by the Vita*C like we’d hoped, what plumping products would you recommend?

Until next time…keep smiling!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double Oh Fabulous! (Eye of the Day)

Bond…James Bond.

There’s something pretty fantastic about 007, isn’t there?  For years, he’s been the picture of the perfect man…he has brains…style…hot cars…and is pretty good at saving the world time and time again.  What’s not to love?

Bond is, of course, remembered for more than his gadgets and good deeds…no James Bond adventure would be complete without one or two (or seven) beautiful women with whom to mingle.  In fact, the Bond Girls are almost as famous as Mr. Bond himself…and more than once, find a way to steal the show…

With this in mind, J set out to release her inner Bond Girl, using the Rollergirl palette from Urban Decay, along with the star of the show: Eternal Sunshine, from L’Oreal’s Infallible line.  Presenting today’s Eye of the Day…code named GoldenEye:

Regardless of who plays the James Bond in your life…here’s to finding the inner Bond Girl in each of us!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bite Me...Or Maybe Just Kiss Me. A Kiss Would Work...

Remember back in the olden days when vampires were scary and bad?  Dracula wasn’t hot stuff, you guys. 

I’m pretty sure that the only way he got so many hot women was because he compelled them.  There seriously could be no other explanation.  No…don’t argue.  Don’t.

Today, though, if you haven’t fallen in love with one vampire or another, you’re actually pretty outside the norm.  You can't walk down the street without running into a Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries fan.  We personally prefer the steamy Salvatore brothers to any member of the sparkly Cullen clan every day of the week…

…but regardless of where your vampire loyalties lie, the bottom line is that it’s hip to love a blood sucker anymore.  In all honesty…we all kind of want to be bitten…

I don’t know if you know this though, but apparently vampires aren’t real.  No seriously…they are fictional.  Weird, right?  We don’t like to think about it... makes us sad, too.  But since we have to accept that we’ll never be bitten in our own private versions of the Vampire Diaries, we’ve happily been bitten by a love for one of our new favorite products, which K discovered a couple of weekends ago:  Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains…

 …in a perfectly peachy tint called Charm:

 …and a dusty pink rosey tint called Honey:

These fabulous little wonders do double duty…giving you lasting color that you love from a good stain…while providing lasting moisture that you’d expect from a good, nourishing balm.  It’s the best of both worlds!  <3

Keep dreaming of sexy vampires, girls…the imagination is a wonderful thing.  But if you’re looking to catch some eyes that are a little less…undead…these might be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Happy Biting Kissing! ;)

Playing Favorites--Eye of the Day

Back in the day, long before we discovered the joy that we get from beauty products, we had kind of a little obsession with something else:  Cabbage Patch Kids. 

Was there anything so cute and fun as a Cabbage Patch Kid?  We really didn't think so, and with each new Kid that we'd adopt, our love grew.  We loved them all...and they loved us, we were sure.  

Still...I have to make a confession.  While I loved all of my kids...Dillon Bret...was always my favorite...

I don't know if it was because he was my first CPK...or because I loved his blue eyes that matched my own...but little Dillon had an extra special place in my heart.  Shhhh...don't tell anyone...playing favorites isn't nice!

Now...all these years later...we find ourselves in a similar position.  Of course we love all of our palettes.  I mean...they are fabulous.  We love their diverse colors....and the way that they can transform our eyes into a million different looks.  We love shimmers and mattes and brights and nudes.  We love them ALL.'s really hard not to play favorites lately, as the Paris palette from Sigma continues to deliver such lovely results as the one K created in today's Eye of the Day:

The colors of this palette are just so versatile...we don't know if we'll ever be able to stop favoring it!  It's the Dillon of our makeup drawers. :)

Did you have a favorite toy as a child that you still cherish?  Now that "toys" are behind you, do you have a favorite product that you can't walk away from? 


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