Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday...Take It or Toss It

Okay ladies, for those of you who do a lot of shopping online, (as we are forced to do as Walmart and Kmart are the only stores within our immediate grasp, and fail to meet our beauty needs wants needs) you find yourselves a recipient of several free samples.  Additionally, we have each recently subscribed to different sample subscription programs (and some of the same ones), and find ourselves swimming in fabulous samples of different products that we’re dying to try.  It is with this in mind that we’re starting out what will be a weekly feature on our blog: “Tuesday’s Take It or Toss It!”
Each Tuesday, we’ll gather a group of similar samples or products and do a very quick (like three sentences tops, okay?) review of each one…and then assign them their final grade…either a “Take it!” or a “Toss it!”  Easy enough, right?  Right. 

We’ve talked before about how much we love to smell good.  It’s a big deal.  Stinkiness never equals happiness!  So…this week we’re going to run through some perfume samples we’ve collected recently…and let you know what we really think of them.

Burberry’s Body:

We are both kind of on the fence about this one.  Definitely not stinky…but nothing we’d probably buy at full price.  Fairly light, and not overpowering…but not super girlie either.  Final decision for us:

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Eau So Fresh:

Definitely one of our new favorites…have already bought full size bottles of this one.  Marc Jacobs never fails to impress, and this fun, super light scent puts us in a great mood every time.  If you love MJ’s original Daisy, you will LOVE this! Final decision:

Versace’s Versus:

Um…we like our little samples with a cute little spritzer that dispenses the perfect amount of fragrance, but this guy has a little stick that you pull out and somehow manage to explode the scent all over your chin the process.  Then, all day long, you’ll smell Versus…which, frankly, is so heavy and not our style, it leaves you feeling like you’ve become…the man of the house.  Easy one:

Coach’s Poppy Flower:

This. Is. Perfection.  Okay, we’re breaking the three sentence rule, but it’s worth it, because this is PHENOMENAL.  It’s fun, flowery, light, and playful in every way.  Definitely definitely definitely…

Gucci’s Flora:

This isn’t bad at all.  Neither of us is in love with it as an all day scent, but it could be appropriate for an evening out, when something a little heavier (but not overpowering at all) is what you’re looking for.  It’s not something probably either of us would buy…but we wouldn’t be grossed out smelling it on someone else.  Overall…

And that’s it.  We’re addicted to smelling good, and love love love getting new scents to test drive.  Of course the final decision is always yours…but hopefully our insights will help you in your decision making process. 

(Trust us, though, on the Poppy Flower…you’re gonna want to snatch that one up PRONTO… : ) …)


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