Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet e.l.f. Haul, part two

Okay, about twelve years ago (or a couple days, who knows?) we said we’d do another post to fill you in on the rest of our e.l.f. haul.  We um…didn’t do that yet.  Whoops.  No time like the present, I guess…so here goes! 

First off, here’s a picture of our whole e.l.f. haul, which includes the products we posted about, along with the stuff we’ll detail here…not a bad little pile for a little over twenty bucks, right?  :)

Okay, so first off, you probably notice a nice little color palette there.   We’ve both gotten palettes from e.l.f. before, but there is never ever such thing as too much eye shadow, so this was super fun.  You can find this palette on the site in either a warm or a cool collection…we got the cool one…which was…well, cool.  :)

In addition to the palette, we also got an individual eyeshadow, in the color Pebble.  This is a pretty neutral/gray-ish/taupe-y color…should be pretty versatile.

Next, to go along with the brushes K picked out, we got one of the Mineral Contour Brushes.  If you aren’t using brushes to apply your makeup, we STRONGLY recommend it…it seriously changes everything….we love brushes…you’ll never go back to sponge applicators!

Next we got a fun Studio Minty Lip Gloss in the color San Diego.  While we both love San Diego, and we both love love love mint infused glosses, neither one of us was prepared for this bold color.  Still, don’t be afraid to try bright lips…they can be super fun for days when you might have understated eyes but still want to flash some color.  The Minty Lip Gloss is great…and is available in other, more conservative, colors as well.  

Lip glosses were a major theme in this bag, as we also got the Essential 3-piece Hypershine Gloss Set.  These three glosses are also bright, and have a fruity theme. Super fun...and the shine lasts FOREVER.  Not really forever.  I'm prone to exaggeration.  But it has some staying power, okay?

Also for your lips, we were treated to e.l.f.’s Essential Soothing Lip Balm, in Orange Crème.  This balm goes on super silky, and feels great on!  Maybe best of all is that it can be yours for just $1, and is available in four flavors!

As a reminder, everything in this post was f-f-f-FREE!  Thanks to e.l.f. for treating their customers so well…this was such a fun surprise/bonus bag!  If any of these products catch your eye, make sure to click over to to pick them up for yourself!


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