Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Suave Keratin Infusion

We are huge fans of high end products, and when you find something that you love…usually it is more than worth the price.  Sometimes, though, finding a more affordable alternative to these products is a dream come true, and if they work…why pay more?

We recently found out about a new line of Suave products, called Keratin Infusion.  There are several brands of hair products that boast keratin as their selling point, but Suave compares their product to the Keratase line, which can be found here:

J tried the Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner...

...and braced herself for amazing smooth results in her naturally curly, but always straightened, color treated, and usually dry (thanks a lot, freaking Wyoming dry climate!) hair. 

In all honesty…she wasn’t overly impressed.  The shampoo and conditioner have done a fine job…but J didn’t notice that her hair was any more manageable or more smooth than it has been when using other smoothing shampoos and conditioners…even others by Suave.  It’s not that she wouldn’t recommend the products…but she can’t say that they are better than others she’s tried.  Also, she’s not a huge fan of the smell.  Smell is a big freaking deal when it comes to hair products, because you always seem to get whiffs of it off and on throughout the day.  You want those whiffs to be “yay, my hair smells awesome” whiffs, but the fragrance of both this shampoo and conditioner are pretty heavy, and reminiscent of your grandma’s perfume.  Seriously.  Not great.  With these things in mind, we probably won’t buy these again.

We both tried out the Smooth & Shine Serum…

…and have had pretty good results from it.  Adding a little styling serum to dry ends almost always makes them more manageable and easier to straighten.  STILL…while this serum works well, again, we can’t say that it is any better than other serums we’ve used.  Hmph. 

So…overall, we’re not complaining about these products…but we’re not singing their praises from the rooftops, either.  They’ll do, for now.  However, the quest to find the perfect, yet affordable and awesome smelling, line of smoothing hair products continues.


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