Friday, May 18, 2012

Perfume? Fragrance? Why?

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." - Coco Chanel.  

We all like to smell good, I mean seriously, who wants to run around smelling like an old dirty sock?  In fact, fragrance of some sort is in just about everything these days.  You can't just run to the store and pick up a body wash containing all the needs for your particular skin. gotta pick ALL that, plus you gotta open every bottle and smell it. Which one of these smells the best?  Personally, I'm okay giving up a few extra minutes to find the perfect smell...totally worth it!  Sniff, sniff, sniff...mmmm....THIS is the one!  Come on, I don't want to wash up with the perfect moisturizing body wash...that smells of onions and liver!  Nooooo!
IT IS also true that fragrance can control our emotions.  To avoid any deep scientific theory on the subject...or go into lavender this or blah blah.  I typically go with my gut instinct.  If it smells good, then it obviously will make me happy in some way or another.  Wait...let's get back to perfume, ladies!  :)

My all time go to perfume --  Georgio Armani Code Pour Femme  (summer and original)
Georgio Armani Code Pour Femme Summer notes -- Orange Blossom, Pear Sorbet, Ginger, Musk
Georgio Armani Code Pour Femme notes -- Blood Orange, Ginger, Pear Sorbet, Sambac Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Seringa Flower, Lavender Honey, Precious Woods Complex, Vanilla

Two absolutely delicious perfumes, I've recently added to my collection and fallen for....HEAD OVER HEELS!!

Lovestruck by Vera Wang -- opens with notes of exotic and juicy pink guava and soothing angelica blossom. The middle notes “bloom” with tones of intoxicating and sensual tuberose with aquatic lotus flower. Precious woody notes and sheer musk form a solid perfume base.

Coach Poppy by Coach -- opens with bright cucumber, juicy mandarin and freesia buds notes. Heart is filled with aroma of jasmine, pink water lily, Southern gardenia, red candied rose petals and crème brûlée accord. Base note is a mixture of cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla and marshmallow.

Smelling great and feeling great!!


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