Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lock & Load

Sounds like a movie title right?

Let's go with it....Lock & Load, the newly tested and reviewed product starring....Kat Von D "Lock & Load" makeup setting spray.  Rated E - excellent!! :)

Ok,'s a Thursday, we gotta stick a little crazy/silly in the day!  Speaking of's one of those days, you just wish it was Friday, but it's you gotta suffer through and make the most of it till finally...Friday arrives!  Especially when it's getting closer to a holiday weekend!  Woot woot!

Kat Von D, in our opinion typically puts out great products.  Though only available through Sephora, which at times can be a pain.  You know - "spend such and such at Ulta and get such and such FREE"  and vice versa.  Great deal at Sephora, but they don't carry Redken or whatever.  Oh the trials we face when budget and bonus shopping, right?
Back to the point at hand -- The Lock & Load -- did NOT let us down!!!

We totally love the "cucumbery-fresh something something" smell.  Haha, we really couldn't put a finger on it, but it's a nice smell.  You know how we are about smells.  :)
We ALSO totally love the spray nozzle - a nice soft mist emits, rather than drops of rain hitting your face randomly leaving you disgruntled and annoyed.  

BEST part ----- our final look of the day....STAYED put!  Beautiful all day!

Till next time lovelies,


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