Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello Beautiful!

When people find out that you’re from Wyoming, the first thing they usually think of is a horse.  Or some sagebrush flying from one barren prairie, across a dirt road, and into another barren prairie.  Or a good old fashioned barn raising slash dinner social where cowboys and cowgirls kick up their heels and wonder, through music, why the Farmer and the Cowman can’t be friends.  Oh wait…that’s Oklahoma.  Sorry.  Wyoming, to some, is mostly the dirt roads and sagebrush.  :(

What those people don’t realize, though, is that Wyoming (while certainly home to plenty of sagebrush) is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the world.  Yellowstone National Park…have you heard of it?  Pretty fancy.  Jackson Hole?  Kind of a big deal.  Medicine Bow National Forest?  Gorgeous!  Rock Springs??  Yeah…just steer clear of Rock Springs, actually, and you’ll find that everywhere (else) you look…there is something beautiful.

Having grown up surrounded by Wyoming’s beauty, we have developed a love for all things pretty.  And while we are in love with Wyoming’s natural wonders, let’s just be real and admit that for about seven months out of the year, it’s blisteringly cold outside, and we’re too wussy to enjoy those wonders.  Needing our beauty fix during the dark winter months, we have found joy in beauty that we create ourselves…through fashion, makeup, and pretty much any other fun things we can get our hands on.

After boring mesmerizing all of our friends and family with our rantings sparkling and insightful ideas about our passions, we decided that we needed a bigger audience.  We knew there were like minded girls out there who would love to bounce ideas back and forth with us in our shared quest to find beauty in everything we do.

And so we find ourselves here at WyoSparkles.  Through this blog, we’ll share our thoughts about health and beauty products that we find and try each week.  We’ll lay it on the line and be honest when it comes to fun trends in fashion, and tell you, with hard hitting honesty you’ll only find from the best Wyoming girls, when those trends are ridiculous and that you ought to steer clear.  Sometimes we might find ourselves wandering off topic…but stay with us…because we’ll find our way back and hopefully always make you smile.

We love makeup, and clothes, and shoes, and jewelry.  We live for flowers, and babies, and laughing, and having fun.  We love our families, we love our lives, and we love Wyoming.  We love talking about all these things…and more…and we’d love nothing more than for you to join our conversation.

Let’s chat! 
Love & Smiles,


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