Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting Moonbaked - Sephora style

Hey everyone...K here!

Package from Sephora arrived on the doorstep the other day - Woohoo!!!

We were absolutely dying to try the Sephora moonbaked eyeshadow palette - in the heat!
The colors were beautiful, the packaging was super cute and hello?  moonbaked!
We splurged the $30.00 and here it is...so let's get STARTED!!  :)

#1 we still think the colors are really really pretty, but can you say MESSY?!?!?  We take pride in our palettes and this palette, due to the inset design of the palette and the raised shadows-- impossible to keep semi clean.  Not a fan!
#2 the colors weren't as pigmented as we hoped, it took several coats to achieve any semblance that we were even wearing eyeshadow!  Not a fan!
#3 the colors, though not pigmented were very shimmery.  Love!  <---- that being said, we're gonna play with this palette some more.  We'll keep you posted...

check out the swatches, not highly pigmented, but just the right shimmer!  :)
Bottom line:  We don't know if we would make this purchase again, not completely worth the $30.00.

Till next time...xoxo,


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