Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Debate! (Sigma Essential Brush Set)

After much deliberation, K has decided to upgrade her brush set.

If you are unfamiliar with Sigma. 

Sigma was founded in 2008 by Brazilian natives Rene, a civil engineer with a Master's degree in Business Administration, and his wife Simone, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. After discovering the strong need for worldwide availability of affordable and high-quality beauty products, the couple combined their knowledge of engineering and scientific research to create a company that met these needs in the cosmetic industry.

Today, Sigma is one of the fastest-growing and top-rated companies in the beauty industry as a result of its ingenious and high-quality products, all of which are tested for performance, resistance and durability to fit the specific needs and wants of every consumer. 

Reviews from proud Sigma product owners:

--"I love my Sigma brushes!!"

--"My wife loves the set, she is very happy with the quality and I'm happy as well as I saved money for good quality brushes"

--"This product is amazing...the quality of the brushes is fantastic they are as soft as you can imagine..and the box is so cool and good quality too"

After hearing countless compliments and rave reviews, I decided it was time, BUT I've come across another decision.... which Essential set should I get??

Mrs. Bunny
 Make Me Cool

Make Me Blush

OR Make Me Crazy
Any comments, thoughts or suggestions?
Why did you pick the one you picked?
Oh please oh please help a girl make a decision!!

And if you are like K and want to upgrade your brushes, check out Sigma Beauty by following this link -


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